Paddle Board

  • Blow Up Paddle Board

    Blow Up Paddle Board

    Blow up paddle board is a performance-designed, all-around eps/epoxy construction paddle board for all types of stand up paddling including lakes (flat...

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  • Touring Paddle Board

    Touring Paddle Board

    Touring paddle board provides a combination of durability, versatility and stability. This paddle board is a very stable board that provides an excellent...

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  • Mini Surfboard

    Mini Surfboard

    Mini surfboard is perfect choice for person featuring diminutive figure to surf on the surface of the water, especially for children under age of 10. As we...

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  • Racing Paddle Boards

    Racing Paddle Boards

    Our inflatable racing paddle boards are built for gliding through the water. They work excellent in speed and also have outstanding performance in surfing...

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  • Stand Up Paddle Board

    Stand Up Paddle Board

    Our stand up paddle boards resemble surfing board. The great difference between stand up paddle board and surfing board is that the former is equipped with...

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  • Inflatable Yoga Paddle Board

    Inflatable Yoga Paddle Board

    Inflatable yoga paddle board is specifically designed for women to practice yoga movements. Practice makes perfect. With a large amount of exercises, you...

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  • Light Up Stand Up Paddle Boards

    Light Up Stand Up Paddle Boards

    Light up stand up paddle boards has become a new favorite for new era. Light up stand up paddle boards are stand up paddle board made of internationally...

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  • Sup Touring Board

    Sup Touring Board

    Sup touring board was designed as a racing shape with a twist: added volume and stability, designed for the paddler looking to increase their speed on the...

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  • Funboard Surfboard

    Funboard Surfboard

    Funboard surfboard is versatile. Taking out a new board is like taking out a new car. It is always a treat, and no matter what the outcome - is always a fun...

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  • Sup Yoga Paddle Boards

    Sup Yoga Paddle Boards

    Sup yoga paddle boards is becoming increasingly popular among the public. The unique feature of the Sup yoga paddle boards is, as its name suggests...

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  • Lightest Paddle Board

    Lightest Paddle Board

    The lightest boards specifically designed for women who are desire for outstanding gilding performance while maintaining stability. Full considerations have...

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  • Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

    Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

    Inflatable stand up paddle board accommodates riders of all sizes and excels in long board style surfing, directional gliding and touring. At 6’’ thick with...

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