Surfboard Generally What Material

- Nov 20, 2017 -

Surfboard material is divided into polyurethane and synthetic resin.

1, polyurethane stock is the core material of surfboard industry since 1960s. Synthetic resin and polyester resin can be synthesized into polyurethane. It is generally believed that this material is more easily molded, because it has smaller crystal structure, so it can be polished with fine powder sandpaper during molding.

Polyurethane material has both advantages and disadvantages.

At first, the system board and the workers are fond of polyurethane materials because the ronin surfboard reaction properties of the material are doing well, because there are strong bending properties of polyurethane. A lot of surfboard artists love it, because it's easy to paint or paint surfboard art on this foam before the board.

But one of the major limitations of PU (polyurethane) is its poor resilience. That is to say, the strong bending properties of your surf board initially fade away over time, and eventually the surfboard loses its responsiveness. On the other hand, this kind of board absorbs water and over time will cause the foam material to fade and then yellow.

2, artificial resin board foam refers to expanded polystyrene or polystyrene. After the closure of the main suppliers of polystyrene surfboard foam, the Clark foam factory developed foam polystyrene in 2005 when the surf industry needed to build a foam core substitute for the surfboard.

Due to its advantageous properties, expanded polystyrene has become very popular as an alternative foam. Polystyrene foam is a lighter lightweight foam than polyurethane foam, and its buoyancy is stronger than that of polyurethane. In the final part of the molding, the epoxy resin is covered with polystyrene foam, and a very lightweight, buoyant, firmer foam core surfboard is completed. This advantage makes the surfboard not easy to damage or crash.

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