Paddle Board Type Classification

- Nov 20, 2017 -

Plaining Hull

If you want a board to play all of the items, skiing, hiking, rushing to a small river, this board is the best choice.

This board is flat and wide, similar to the shape of a water ski. Its design focuses on the board floating on the surface of waves or lakes and rivers. Many beginners start with a plain hull, because this board has better stability and is capable of multiple gameplay.

Displacement Hull

Suitable for long distance hiking and racing sports.

The front and tail of this kind of board are relatively sharp, which is similar to kayak and canoe. The tip of the front slices through the water, the water to the sides apart, so that board fast forward.

The shape of the board is longer and narrower than that of the plaining type, which helps it move rapidly in water, but at the same time its stability is worse than that of the plaining.

  • Kids Board
  • Teamboard
  • Childrens Board
  • Family Sup Boards
  • Blow Up Paddle Board
  • Mini Surfboard

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