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- Nov 20, 2017 -

Water skiing is an activity worthy of praise. It can not only enjoy the rich experience in water or tranquility or stimulation, but also make friends with like-minded people. We choose a suitable paddle, is very important for water skiing is the right paddle, not only can fully enjoy the fun of a slip of the hand, also will not have too much burden. I hope the following content can help you find the right board.

Types of boards

First of all, according to the big face, the board can be divided into five categories:

Paddle surfing

Omnipotent board

Inflatable paddle

Competition board

Yoga board

I surf board board classification classification: surf paddles in general will narrow the paddle, short, light, head and tail will be relatively narrow and sharp. This design is better steering, easy to control, is designed for surfing. Almighty board: This versatile board, generally speaking, will be relatively wide, relatively long, large size, short head circle. This board with surf paddles relatively stable, carrying capacity is relatively large. This kind of board is suitable for cruising or floating in lakes or calm rivers. You: inflatable inflatable paddle paddle is easy to store and transport. People who paddle generally live in apartments and drive to the water to play. For them, the hard board is really their unspeakable pain. Inflatable paddle with a good solution to the problem. But objectively speaking, the hard hard inflatable paddle, a good surfing experience.  But now in the lake and river water skiing has become a most outdoor water skiing, and inflatable paddle is the best the sports equipment. In use, it is more like an inflatable raft, the user can use the oars easily to avoid moving obstacles.  Competition: competition in plate gradually occupy a huge part of the paddle market. More and more cities and countries are holding this kind of competition. If you want to participate in this kind of competition, or want to get exercise through this sport, then I recommend that you use this board. The competition board is long and narrow, with a pointed head and a long tail. This design is intended to enable the user to move forward rapidly along a track. This kind of board is unstable, it is difficult to control, and the user needs to control steadily at a relatively high speed. This is a relatively high water skiing, which requires more contact and more adaptation. Yoga board: Yoga board is not only wide and long. The surface will have a soft anti-skid pad. And there's plenty of room to do yoga and yoga equipment. Yoga practitioners tend to board and anchored in the sunny place to practice, rarely draw long distance or practice circle.

What size board do you need?

When you figure out what kind of board you want, then you have to figure out what size boards are best for you. The first thing to understand is that the volume of the board is determined by its length, width and thickness. The bigger the board, the better the stability. For beginners, you should start with a bulky board, slowly adapt to this sport, and then slowly reduce the size. Of course, the volume of the board in the operation of water will be slightly worse, steering and operation will be relatively slow. So in general, you need to choose your board according to your height, weight, paddle type, and your familiarity with the sport. Where can I find the right board? Preferably at the local sales point. In general, the salesperson will give appropriate advice on the size of the board. Also easy to consult some other matters needing attention. And generally speaking, the local sales point will have after-sales maintenance, when the board appears small problems, convenient and timely solution. Some stores will have some trial days, will provide a variety of plate and type of board for consumers to try.

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