Why is the pressure of the Inflatable board?

- Nov 20, 2017 -

When a board can only be inflated to 12psi pressure, another board can be charged to the 25psi pressure value. It depends on many factors, such as the structure of the board, the thickness of the board, and the clear understanding of the maximum inflation value of the board.

Some of the board structures can withstand more pressure. Generally speaking, the recommended regula PVC thickness board large pressure value will be bigger, on the other hand, thin will be smaller.

The thickness of the board determines, to some extent, the amount of air to be charged. The same meter board, 10cm board to add more gas in order to and 15cm board showing the same hardness.

Be clear about the maximum inflation pressure of the board. A good brand should know the boundary of the inflation pressure value of the product, and has been tested to determine the critical point of the inflatable damage of the board. (generally speaking, there is a certain distance from their recommended values.) Be careful. Some of them sell cheap, and the recommended pressure is only 10psi of the board. It's very likely that they haven't tested the pressure that the board can withstand, and it's not clear what the board is capable of.

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