What kind of water sport is SUP?

- Nov 20, 2017 -

SUP, as the name suggests, stands on the paddle, which originated in the early years when the Hawaii surfing coach created for the convenience of moving students, and has recently spread around the world. In general, SUP is a very easy to learn, young and old sports. Very easy to learn is that all action on the SUP courses such as rowing turn can introduce completed within one hour, of course, balance is not a hour can grasp, but also must grasp than the surfboard windsurfer (unstable factors because the SUP board will generally than surfing and windsurfing in Datong when there is no wind and wave). Young and old are salty because they are very suitable for beginners of all ages to play in gentle water (such as reservoirs), of course, swimming and wearing life jackets are essential.

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  • Sup Race Boards
  • Racing Paddle Boards
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  • Funboard Surfboard
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