What is the production of Inflatable board?

- Nov 20, 2017 -

Inflatable skis are made of PVC, nylon cloth, glue and air. The main material, perhaps everyone has heard of, is called "drop-stitich" air cushion material. The material makes the skis fit in shape and is strong enough to fill the air. Even though it was first used in Korean made inflatable beds, inflatable swimming pools and hot buckets. This material has different thickness and different transportation capacity. Place the drawing air cushion material on the ground, cut it according to the template, and then glue the edge with PVC to form an airbag.  Dig the outlet valve, press the air valve, and then the board can be inflated with the inflatable pump. Again, it's about making different shapes of boards. The most commonly used method is heating and pressure. Another way is to cut the head and tail of the board into different shapes, and then glue it with PVC. Adding an extra layer of PVC makes the boards and edges firmer, but it also adds weight. Generally speaking, inflatable boards are handmade, which is the reason for the quality of different brands and even the same brand board will be different.

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