SUP paddle paddling tips

- Nov 20, 2017 -

When you think you have a good balance on the board, you can really enjoy the fun of water skiing

Here are some tips for water skiing:

1: when you slide on the right, your right hand holds the lower part of the oar, and the left hand holds the upper part of the oar.

2: paddle head flex is back on you, you start with your vision may feel irrational.

3: keep your arm straight and feel your body paddle. Your belly is stronger than your arm.

4: when you paddle, push with your upper hand.

5: first the blade is inserted into the water, and then put it down at the ankle, water.

6: at the beginning of each stroke can be relatively short, you can draw closer to the board to practice. Needless to start with a lot of energy.

7: in the beginning with a small paddle, supporting power to paddle, will let you every paddling more effective, rowing farther.

8: if you want to make a straight line, you can draw 4.5 times on the side, and then go to the other side.

9: don't forget to switch in rowing, change hands on the position.

Turning skills:

There are many simple ways to turn around in water skiing.

1: one side paddle control method: as the name suggests, may have been on the side of paddling stroke, to turn. Want to turn left? All right, right on the right. On the contrary, the same. Until the board turns to the direction you want. This will generally turn a big bend, need to operate a relatively large area.

2: the tail paddle method: you can paddle in the tail on both sides repeatedly paddling, adjust the direction.

3: sweeping paddle: Contrary to the first method, this is on the side of the turn, like sweeping the floor, from the back to the water skiing.

In addition, when you turn around, the station is slightly back, or through the shoulder to look at the direction you want to turn, will help you turn faster and better. Please turn the direction toward you, if you are right-handed, then left standing in front of the body weight on the right foot, right to move faster.

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