SUP paddle board introduction

- Nov 20, 2017 -

From the United States of Hawaii in recent years has become a paddle surfing, swept the world of sports. The paddle surfing, also known as vertical paddle English, its full name is Stand UpPaddle, referred to as SUP.

SUP is one of the most popular paddle water sports. This sport uses a surfboard and paddle to surf on the water, testing the strength and coordination of human beings, and seizing the hearts of anyone who loves water sports. This sport is earlier than surfing, and most people can master it. Even in the paddle surf board do yoga.

As surfing is popular, some for the management of a large number of students surfing instructor, decided to erect a better field of vision in the surf station, easy to observe the surroundings, but also conducive to the surge over the distance, but at that time there was no SUP board dedicated, using a common length surfboard and single oar.

Different from the non professional game player can't fix the surfing, paddle surf board is more generous, thus easier to grasp the balance, and the operator hands more than a paddle, which effectively avoid the movement to stand the two most difficult link arm skiing and surfing up, even the rookie game player can immediately to get started.

Surfing can and must in a wave of cases are completely different, even in the no wave paddle case, can use the paddle acceleration, so even in inland rivers and lakes, the paddle movement can still be carried out, basically the equivalent of standing for boating, physical exercise is more obvious.

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